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Attention Player:

You are a resident of the town of Haven, Maine, an idyllic fishing village with a secret. Certain families are afflicted with what they call Troubles: uncontrollable supernatural abilities. No one talked about the Troubles or acknowledged them outside of private circles until one day last week when a shroud went up around the town. A fog wall that cut the town off from the rest of the world. No one can leave. The town is in chaos, marshall law is in place. A group calling themselves the Guard are in charge of keeping the population safe.

Rumor has it that one of the town historians, Gladys Saltzman, has a family book on lore regarding the Troubles. According to Gladys it’s almost two hundred years old and contains the names of Troubled families and their associated Troubles. The Saltzman family has guarded this book with care. It’s in Gladys’ locked house, in a safe, hidden behind a painting in the library, at the end of the street that’s now known as Trouble Alley.
This book could be a great resource for what’s left of the town’s leadership – Dwight Hendrickson leader of the guard, Nathan Wuornos former police chief, and Audrey Parker a woman who may be the key to ending the Troubles. However, manpower is short and they have asked for volunteers to go collect it.

Can you and your party make it through Trouble Alley and return with much needed information or will you fall victim to the invisible monster that lurks there?


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