Important Info on the Haven We're Playing In - Just in case you've forgotten 5B

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Important Info on the Haven We're Playing In - Just in case you've forgotten 5B

Post by Jodie on Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:28 pm

Important things to know about 5B. Our RP takes place around 5x14

1)  Charlotte fused Audrey and Mara so that Audrey is the one running the show and is no longer dying
2) Duke woke up in the hospital after spewing out all the Troubles and Audrey immediately sent him off to go deal with someone he Troubled. He’s no longer dying from all the Troubles in his system. Nathan hugs him a lot. (“You look great for someone who was just on death’s door.”  “Yeah, well y’know I do yoga so.” Exchange is from that.) The Troubled guy figures out Duke’s the one who Troubled him and lets him have it. At the end of the premiere Duke walks through the shroud and leaves town because he says he can’t save this town he’s the problem. There are now dozens of new Troubles in town that Audrey is not immune to.
3) There’s now a shroud around the town that people cannot pass through caused by a Trouble. The guy whose Trouble it was is dead and it's still going. There is no hope of getting rid of the shroud.
4) Bc of the Shroud Dwight gives up all pretense and tells the whole town about the Troubles
5) Dwight institutes martial law so the Guard are in charge not the HPD, most of the HPD joins the Guard.
6) Bc of the shroud there’s issues with the power plant and many people are forced to take shelter at the high schools where supplies are rationed including batteries to keep the dark at bay.
7) There’s someone with a darkness Trouble where if you are caught in a place that’s very dark (regardless of if it’s day or night) the darkness strips the flesh from your bones and you’re left a very dead, very clean skeleton.
Cool Many of the new Troubles set off and destroyed large sections of Haven
9) Someone’s Trouble has created a large invisible monster that guards one of the streets and is attracted to noise. Other Troubles have made some streets impassable. Nathan and the Guard have spray painted warnings on those.


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