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Character Thread--Lilybeth Carson Empty Character Thread--Lilybeth Carson

Post by havensqueenbookwench on Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:39 am

Character name: Lilybeth Carson
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Profession: High school student, part-time fisherman

Physical Description: Lilybeth is a tallish (5'8"), stocky/well-muscled, blonde girl, with the tough hands of someone who works outside. She usually dresses v. practically--work pants and t-shirts, etc.  

Personality/History: Lilybeth loves the outdoors and working with her hands. She's the oldest of 3 girls, and has grown up fishing and lobstering with her father, Brian, and plans to work full-time in the fishing industry after high school. Her mom, Sally, works seasonally at Rosemary's, but is home otherwise. The Carsons are a long-time Haven family and known to be Troubled. They're friendly with the Glendowers (or as friendly as the Glendowers get with anybody) but don't have much to do with the Guard.  

She's devoted to her family, and they always come first, which means she's not the most involved in extracurriculars; at school, she's one of those middle of the pack kids--not popular, but not an outcast; not the best student, though not the worst. She'd much rather be outside. That said, there is a small, secret part of her that wants to put on a pretty dress and go to the ball, so to speak.  Her family sometimes sold to the Gull and she used to have (pre-Trouble explosion, because I assume there's a lot of misinformation floating around town) a mortifying, self-conscious crush on Duke. She has a strong drive to be useful, and is mostly friendly and affable, if not the most outgoing. Her reputation is generally one of being responsible/conscientious/reliable, though she can also be _stubborn_.

She's slow to anger, but isn't exactly the forgive and forget type, particularly of anyone associated with the Rev, because some of those kids tried to give her crap for being Troubled when the Rev was stirring people up. She can be a little bit on the literal side, so some social things go over her head somewhat, and she can be a bit prickly if teased. She was good friends with Amelia Benton, and incredibly worried when the Benton sisters disappeared. She's really grateful to Dwight for letting her know, quietly, that they were safe.  

Troubled: Yes, can control water in her immediate vicinity, but pays a cost for it in energy the larger-scale the effort is--her trouble came active during a freak storm on her family's boat, and enabled her to save one of their deckhands from drowning.

Problems/issues: self-conscious/stumbling if asked to read aloud, is built for stamina but not for speed, super creeped out by the supernatural (not the Troubles in general, but specifically ghosts/monsters/zombies etc)

special skills: fishing, excellent swimmer, general outdoor survival

Stats:  Athletics: 8
Intelligence:       5
Interpersonal:    6
Fortitude:          7
Health:            21


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