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Post by Jodie on Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:42 pm

Character Name: Isabelle Thomas

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Job: Paramedic

Physical Description: 5”1 Brown hair, brown eyes

Personality: Anxious and easily frightened, covered up by brash, bold behaviour and a lot of trash talk.

As the youngest in a family with four daredevil boys Izzy quickly learned that acting like you were scared of something would immediately result with that something hidden in your bed. She grew up hearing how baby Izzy would activate her shield whenever she was scared and the boys would be banished from the room she was in for scaring her. They hated that and resented her. She wanted desperately to fit in and so from a young age realized she had to pretend not to be scared. As an adult she never admits being scared, has done her best to prove that she’s as brave as her brothers. She’ll often volunteer to go first or do things others don’t want to just to prove she’s not scared. And it worked. For a long time it worked. Izzy could pretend to be brave and no one would be the wiser. And then the Troubles came back and she was mortified, all her bravado was for nothing. She was outed as being the fraidy cat little sister they used to call her.

Isabelle loves books, puzzles, and secretly longs for a quiet life.

Troubled? (if so specify what) Shield trouble – when scared can project a bubble that essentially acts like a force field. She can't make the shield go away at will, she has to calm down. She can't touch anything while shielded but can move the bubble by walking/crawling/whatever.

History: Isabelle was born in 1983 to unknown parents, probably during the last spate of the Troubles. She was delivered to the adoption agency in Bangor by a man named Byron Howard. Her adopted family, also Troubled, were informed via the Guard network that there was a Troubled baby and arrangements were made for Isabelle to be adopted.

The Thomas family is Troubled and has been for generations, they are staunch supporters of The Guard. The Thomas Trouble is agility – they have great balance and can jump very high, could do Parkour for fun. Word has it that great great grandpa Thomas ran away and joined the circus during his first round with the Troubles. Isabelle’s adopted father Rowan Thomas has a construction business and has been involved with the guard since he was in his teens sneaking into places and retrieving people or objects as necessary. Rowan will do whatever it takes to protect the Troubled and has passed that down to his children. They are all tattoo wearing members of the Guard.

Nina Thomas nee Allegheny, Isabelle’s adopted mother, also comes from a family who have close ties to the Guard. The Allegheny Trouble is Empathy – Nina can feel others’ emotions and can project her own emotions. Nina’s mother Rebecca was excellent at this as she worked as a nurse and used her Trouble to help her patients calm down. Family lore has it that a woman named Sarah Vernon helped her get a hold of her Trouble. Nina is high strung and prone to panicking, she tends to send her kids into panics when she does. It is very frustrating.

Isabelle has four older brothers, Rowan and Nina’s biological children, Logan, Dylan, Brendan and Evan. Logan, the oldest is ten years older than Isabelle. Brendan was in the same grade in school with Nathan Wuornos and Duke Crocker though they were not friends. Logan and Dwight attended competing high schools and played football against each other. The boys all have Rowan’s Trouble and Rowan encouraged them to use their Troubles the last time they were on. They have all continued to be daredevils in the ensuing twenty-seven years since much to Nina’s chagrin.

Special Skills: Paramedic Training

Affiliations: Is a member of the Guard

Characters’ Phobia’s/Issues (If any): Drowning, snakes, heights, sea monsters, sea weed, darkness, being called a coward

Player’s Squicks/DNW in Play: No roaches, maggots or zombies.

Stat Block:

Athletics: 2 5 7
Intellect: 2 6 8
Interpersonal: 2 3 5 Bluff Bonus
Fortitude: 2 4 6

Health: 18


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