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Character Thread - Doc Little Empty Character Thread - Doc Little

Post by yumearashi on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:52 am

Character Name: "Doc" Little (real name Daniel but no one calls him that and hardly anyone knows it)
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Job: Security/dockhand/mechanic/tattoo artist/whatever

Physical Description: 6'6" and gives the impression of being about as broad as he is tall.  Not fat, but the stocky muscular build of a man who wrestles bears on a mountain.  Untamed hair and beard.  Covered in tattoos, many of which are alarming.  Wears mostly weathered, beaten black leather.  The very epitome of Big Mean Scary Biker.

Personality: Pretty much is Big Mean Scary Biker.  Complete misanthropist, thinks that people are terrible and the world sucks and is going to hell, and that Haven deserves the ass-kicking it's getting from the Troubles.  Deeply scorns what he perceives to be cowardice or weakness (which is not necessarily how others perceive it).  Holds grudges.  Is not inclined to violence but neither does he hesitate to use it.  Swears like a sailor.  Adores animals and does not hesitate to treat them with gentleness and affection in front of an audience, knowing that no one in Haven will make fun of him for it....anymore.
Troubled? (if so specify what)  Can talk to animals

History:  Enlisted in basic training with Dwight but quickly got a dishonorable discharge for picking a fight with a superior officer.  He lives in a cabin on the outskirts of town and generally keeps to himself.  Comes into town every so often to resupply and make some money doing whatever jobs will pay him quick and quiet cash under the table, but never stays long.  Even before his Trouble kicked in he was good with animals, finding them far easier to relate to than humans. And yes, the nickname comes from Dr. Doolittle, although anyone who makes fun of him for it will regret it severely.  At this point most of the town knows to just leave him alone.  He owes Dwight a big favor, although neither of them will say why.  

Special Skills:  Mechanic, self-taught veterinarian, actually does wrestle bears, early military training such as firearms and survival skills
Affiliations:  Tolerates Dwight in a manner as friendly as he ever is with anyone (not much).  Has an ongoing vendetta with the Haven Hunt Club which occasionally escalates into nearly all out war.  Terrifies Dave Teagues, and delights in reinforcing that impression.  Does not get along Haven PD, though they've learned (the hard way) that if they leave him alone then he'll do the same.

Characters’ Phobia’s/Issues (If any): Phobia of clowns Smile  Issues with authority, indifference to human suffering

Player’s Squicks/DNW in Play:  Eye injury ;_;

Stat Block: TBD

Athletics27(2+7) 9
Intellect22(2+2) 4
Interpersonal21(2+1) 3
Fortitude28(2+Cool 10
(Cool(18)(8+18) 26
HealthF*3-(10*3) 30

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