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Post by Kedreeva on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:48 am

Character Name: Evarea (Eve)
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Job: Gardening store clerk

Physical Description: Currently a lean short-haired completely black cat with green eyes. Pretty small, just shy of 8lbs. Even black whiskers. Tip of her tail is bent funny from getting caught in a closing door on Day 1 of this shitshow.

Personality: Normally pretty laid back, currently pretty grouchy about being a damn cat. She doesn’t even LIKE cats. Likes to help others; she is the type who works as a store clerk because she likes it. She does artwork and gardens in her spare time. Likes soft music. Not a lot actually frightens her- startles her maybe, but not frightens her.

Troubled? She is inherently unlucky, which has manifested itself as turning her literally into a symbol of bad luck.

History: She was drawn to this town naturally about five years ago, right out of college, which she went to but ultimately did nothing with. She wanted to live someplace quiet. So much for her luck. She lost her parents young (bad luck crash on icy roads), got passed around the System for most of her childhood (Haven for God's orphans seemed like such a safe bet at the time). She paid her way through a community college once she got out, and got the tiniest cheapest little apartment until she could get enough for a small house in a small town in BFE, which she just did upon moving here (some people helped her get a really great deal on it?? they all had a weird matching tattoo? she thinks they might be a real estate club?? She doesn't ask a lot of questions honestly). She sort of fell into gardening- her degree is in Botany, and she would have LIKED to be researching undiscovered flora in exotic places, also she would like to sit at home and grow her own food. The latter won out. She still does plant experiments in her kitchen sometimes.

Special Skills: She can jump pretty high and has a good set of sharp claws. She is very small. Can purr and run really fast and blends into black things pretty well. Can see well at night, and might be able to see whatever the fuck cats see when they suddenly stare wide eyed at the ceiling or a wall where there's nothing. She knows a lot about plants, which is useless since she can't talk.

Affiliations: who are all you people why is this town like this

Characters’ Phobia’s/Issues (If any): Has not figured out how to communicate and cannot speak aloud. Turns into a bristle brush around dogs. Is still unlucky as a cat. Horrendously unlucky. Probably unlucky to even be around.

Player’s Squicks/DNW in Play: no unreal afterimages of dead people, ghosts are fine

Stat Block:
Athletics: 9
Intellect 6 (Communication penalty, Perception bonus +2)
Interpersonal: 7
Fortitude: 6
Health:  18


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