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Post by BirdyMarie on Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:38 pm

Swiss Army backpack, complete with the support belts around waist and chest, containing:

Three peanut chewy granola bars
Three almond chewy granola bars
One chili dark chocolate granola bar because no one else likes them but shim
One 9.6 oz bag of Jack Links jerky (complete with the blue strip declaring 20% more free, which s/he finds fucking hilarious)
Three 12 oz water bottles
One Swiss Army canteen, full of water

First Aid Kit
An actual pair of metal needle-nose tweezers s/he lifted from the med center
A pair of plastic tweezers that are worth positively dick
Two pairs of latex gloves still in the plastic
Two boxes of assorted band-aids, one only half full
A small aerosol of burn spray
Twelve wrapped alcohol wipes
Five wrapped bug bite wipes
A tube of neosporin
Two big squares of gauze still in the plastic
A roll of medical tape

One men's diving watch, with pressure gauge
One wooden handled gravity-assist pocket knife, engraved with MSM
One hatchet, in its pretty worked leather sheath, hanging from the loop of the backpack
One blue maglite flashlight with an extra set of D batteries
One general issue adjustable headlamp
One collapsible pool cue
One East Haven High mini-bat, lifted from one of the trophy cases at the refugee base
An extra pair of socks
Four ponchos, still in the plastic


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