Character Profile: Riesy McGlynn

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Character Profile: Riesy McGlynn Empty Character Profile: Riesy McGlynn

Post by BirdyMarie on Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:48 am

Character Name: Riesy (Marie) McGlynn
Age: 23
Gender: afab nonbinary (s/he, shim, shiz pronouns)
Job: Her father runs a local woodmill, Riesy helps cut firewood. S/he makes the biweekly deliveries to the garden centers around town.

Physical Description: Perfectly average 5’5. P andro, but as s/he has aged and put on weight it has settled femininely. Has hips that are helpful when opening doors with arms full of wood. Close cropped brown hair, hazel eyes, blessedly long eyelashes for help with The Flirting. Eyebrow piercing, a few tattoos. They’re fuckin depressingly expensive.

Personality: Riesy is unapologetically a flirt and just wants to make people feel good, it’s exhausting.

Troubled? (if so specify what) Yes, Riesy’s father’s family started the tree farm and wood business specifically to keep acres between themselves and the rest of civilization - when encountered too closely, they cause others to experience synesthesia, although the specific type can be influenced by the other person’s mood. This is why Riesy is a flirt - s/he keeps everyone feeling good so their warm fuzzies are literal warm fuzzies instead of pain.

History: Shiz family is pretty self regulatory. Not a lot of interaction with the Haven Saviors, although Riesy thinks Audrey Parker is smoking hot, no pun intended. Distrusts the Guard, somehow an older McGlynn got it in his head they wanted to split Troubled families or stop interbreeding or something, Riesy’s not clear on the details but Riesy hates the Herald and distrusts that tattoo.

Special Skills: Skilled manipulator, has gotten VERY good at seeing what flatters and distresses folx.

Affiliations: Thought s/he had been getting on pretty well with the nice lady who ran the seed store, til she disappeared. Remembers Tanner vaguely from school. Knows not to flirt with Doc Little (who used to work at the farm with them from time to time), affirms his beliefs, which is the closest s/he comes to lying in her flirtations.

Characters’ Phobia’s/Issues (If any): Guilt complex. Hates being the cause of others’ pain. Probably shit terrified of horror flicks and amusement parks and anything leading to high emotions.

Player’s Squicks/DNW in Play: I doubt any of us will be gaslighting each other but I find it hard to watch.

Stat Block:
Athletics - 3
Intellect - 6
Interpersonal - 10
Fortitude - 7

Health - 21


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