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Character Profile: Tanner Martin Empty Character Profile: Tanner Martin

Post by Jadzibelle on Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:39 pm

Character Name: Tanner Josiah Martin
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Job: Learning the ropes at his family’s butcher shop

Physical Description:  5’9”, broad shouldered with a swimmer’s build.  Tanner has reddish-blonde hair that is in desperate need of a trim- normally it’d be swept back with a little bit of gel, but it is currently mostly falling into his eyes.  Tanner is fair-skinned and blue-eyed, and falls somewhere in the awkward middle between ‘tans nicely’ and ‘turns into a pile of freckles’.  He has a square jaw, a slightly-cleft chin, and a very pleasant smile; he’s just handsome enough to be noticed and promptly overlooked.

Personality: Tanner is a follower, not a leader.  He’s also spent most of his life in constant, silent conflict; his family were fervent adherents to the Rev’s particular way of looking at things, and take a staunchly conservative view on social issues of all stripes- they are, to be frank, bigots.  Tanner has immense difficulty reconciling that with the essential messages of the faith they profess to follow; his desire to please his parents by trying to be Good At Religion backfired somewhat dramatically the first time he tried to point out that conflict.  Having learned very young that obedience is a virtue and having his tentative efforts to explore learning very thoroughly denigrated, Tanner mostly keeps his head down and his mouth shut.  Tanner strives, above all else, to avoid standing out- mostly out of fear, as his community is very hostile to anyone they ping as Different, and Tanner is Keeping Secrets.

Troubled? Yes - Tanner is one of the many who was ‘infected’ with a new Trouble.  As a result, his life is now accompanied by a musical score- something he does Not appreciate, as it makes both remaining unnoticed and keeping his emotional state secret very difficult.  (Tanner’s Trouble includes a subtle psychic component- unless the situation is very intense, most people will simply ‘tune it out’, failing to react to it in the same way characters in movies do not usually respond to musical cues.  It’s only when Tanner is particularly agitated, or when the people around him are particularly perceptive, that anyone besides him is likely to ‘break the fourth wall’ and respond, but once someone does notice his Trouble, it becomes nearly impossible to tune it back out/revert to being unaware.)

History:  Tanner has lived in Haven all his life.  His family goes back nearly to the founding, and are quite proud of this fact; they are equally proud of the fact that their family is Clean, and has never carried a Trouble.  Born several years after the last batch of Troubles, Tanner was content to mostly ignore the stories as just that, though he associated primarily with other members of Reverend Driscoll’s flock, and his friends were all from equally ‘pure’ family lines.  It was easy, for the early part of his life, to simply follow the rules- he played with who he was supposed to play with, he avoided who he was supposed to avoid, he did what he was told, and he didn’t talk back.

Things got a little more difficult as he got older- it was harder for his parents to keep him isolated from ‘those elements’ when he spent most of his day at school, and Tanner, despite his desire to please, really didn’t understand why some of his classmates were somehow ‘bad’.  Still, he was smart enough not to say as much at home, and simply did his best to fit in and not make trouble- not always easy when his brothers- one older, one younger- were perfectly happy to rat him out when he wasn’t being as careful as he ‘should’ be about his social ties.

In high school, Tanner participated in whatever sport was in season at a given time; athletic and sturdy, he wasn’t exceptional at anything in particular, but he was reliable at just about everything.  He enjoyed having a team, was happy to represent his school, and appreciated the safety of being in the protected social strata of Athlete without being put under the pressure of being the Star.

It was in his senior year of high school that things began to happen; strange things, inexplicable things.  The Rev’s sermons grew louder and more aggressive; his family’s attitude grew harsher and all the more superior.  Tanner had the worst fight he’d had in years with his parents when his father tried to get him to quit the school basketball team, insisting that it was inappropriate for him to be associating with some of his teammates.  Tanner won, barely, but the blowup was decidedly unpleasant, and he started to avoid the teammates in question when they weren’t actively practicing.  It made him feel incredibly guilty, and he almost reconsidered quitting entirely anyway, but the social protection of being on the team was too useful to give up, no matter how awkward things became.

Tanner thought wistfully of leaving Haven for college after he graduated, but he didn’t have the money or the family support necessary for such a thing.  Instead, he began working for the family business full-time, a job he hates but does reasonably well.

The Rev’s death did nothing to dissuade his family from their opinions; Tanner’s life became substantially less simple when his older brother was arrested, not long after, on charges of kidnapping, assault, and attempted murder along with another twenty or so members of their congregation.  The incident- and resulting financial stress from legal fees- made Tanner’s father even more reactive and hostile; Tanner did his absolute best to fade into the woodwork, absorbing his father’s rants silently.

The explosion of Troubles brought everything Tanner knew crumbling down- including his mother, who was struck by a little black ball and promptly turned into a pillar of salt.  In the initial chaos, Tanner discovered that he, too, was now Troubled- in the days since, his father and younger brother began avoiding him, stopping just short of throwing him out of the house.  The orders to evacuate to the high school came as a painful relief; at least now, he can get lost in the crowd.

Special Skills:  Knows his way around knives, and is very, very reliable with a baseball bat.  Also extremely good at having entire conversations- or even relationships- without ever saying a single thing of substance.

Affiliations:  Raised in the congregation of the Good Shepherd church.  Also was on various high school sports teams, still has some relationships with teammates.

Characters’ Phobia’s/Issues (If any):  Issues: Closeted bisexual, very sensitive about notions of sin and damnation, quick to react like he expects violent punishment for having an opinion.  Phobias: Has an absolute horror of small dark places.

Player’s Squicks/DNW in Play: Eye horror

Stat Block:

  • Athletics: 8
    Intellect: 4
    Interpersonal: 6
    Fortitude: 8
    Health: 24


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